storm session 002:
r e l a t i o n s h i p s
January 17, 2004 -- noon-midnight
San Francisco, California

As time passes and things change around us - one thing remains important to all of us - Relationships. In love, in family, in work and all around us.

CFCA's second Storm Session this January will consist of a series of discussions and workshops about relationships. This time around, Storm Sessions will discuss aspects of relationships between our friends, our families, our partners, our coworkers and our communities.

As an attendee, you will be able to ask questions, join in the open discussions, network with other attendees and with the speakers, and then continue to communicate and think about these topics with each other and with other members of your communities. We don't have all the answers, but together -- with your participation -- we'll find the right questions.

You'll notice that this time around there are longer breaks and fewer sessions. In response to feeback from the last Storm Sessions we're trying to provide more time for folks to meet and discuss their ideas and thoughts throughout the day. During the breaks we may try to make available an impromptu system for connecting up with folks who might want to chat for a few minutes about a specific issue.

If you are looking for information on the first Storm Sessions - it is archived here.


Schedule & Speakers
(subject to last-minute changes; please check back regularly for updates)

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Registration and Speaker's breakfast
11:00 am

Those who pre-register online can pick up their name badge and enjoy free bagels and Nub Chai. If space permits, we'll also accept new registrants at the door before the conference starts. This will be a time when speakers and panel members can get together and meet each other.

Noon, room A

Cloud Factory Collective for the Arts co-founder Scott Nelson will welcome us to Storm Sessions, and explain how the day is going to work. If you miss this, you'll be hella confused.

New Humor Group
12:10 pm, room A

New Humor Group is a local improvisation troupe that will help us start the day out right. After a cup of chai and a dose of New Humor Group we should be ready to get going.

Ethan Watters - author of Urban Tribes
12.40 pm, room A

Ethan Watters is the author of Urban Tribes, a book which explores the phenomenon of the urban tribe. Even if you haven't read the book - you probably get visions in your head when you hear the words 'urban tribe'. It's likely that if you're coming to Storm Sessions you found out about it through your Urban Tribe. Ethan will talk about some of things he's discovered in his research about relationships - with your friends, your loved ones and even that special person you may not have met yet. There will be 15 minutes for Questions and Answers following this discussion.

1:30 pm

The Poly Panel
1:50 pm, room A

We'll discuss open relationships and polyamory in a group panel led by Wendy-o Matik (author of 'Redefining Our Relationships - Guidlines for Responsible Open Relationships'). Panel participants include Vishal from Moontribe, Rocky and Leah from Cloud Factory and Karin from Rhythm Society. Bring your own experiences and questions to liven up the discussion!

Work - the ties that bind Us
1:50 pm, room B

Scott Nelson, Sabin MacPhee and David Huffman will discuss working with your friends. It sounds like a great idea - and sometimes it is - but it's not always that way.

3:00 pm

Family Ties
3:30 pm, room A

As we grow older, more of us are having children, adding a new dynamic to our lifestyles. This raises questions from parents and non-parents alike. Whether it's intentional communities, dance events or Burning Man, how should we integrate the next generation into our subculture communities? What new issues arise as we bring children into the picture?

Leslie Ayres, known as the fairy rave mother to many and the mother of a 26-year old daughter, will moderate a panel that includes parents of three and Kari Gray, mother of two and Curly a new mother, as we discuss the issues and challenges of kids in our communities.

Closer Quarters
3:30 pm, room B

A panel discussion covering the whys and hows of community living space, ranging from the classic unfinished warehouses to entire city blocks. Featuring a guest from the Otherworld (host to Storm Sessions 001), Aaron of False Profit (host to Storm Sessions 002), and cohousing expert Raines Cohen.

4:40 pm

Online relationships
5:00 pm

Danah Boyd and Howard Rheingold will have an open discussion to talk briefly about where things were and where they're going with regards to constructing community online - and it's relevance to offline communities. The discussion will open up for a discussion on individual experiences with digital communities.

Conference Closing
6:15 pm

Here we'll wrap up the day and take any closing comments.

6:30 pm

A full vegetarian dinner will be provided, cooked up by Dan Carter. Dinner is included in the price of admission so stick around to have some grub and get your groove on in our ambient lounge.

Ambient Airlines Lounge
6:30 pm to midnight

Offering an opportunity to continue discussions and meet new people, this all ages afterparty will feature downtempo and ambient djs provided by our friends at Ambient Airlines.
Free with a Storm Sessions badge, or $5 at the door.
djs/artists include Christopher Morin, Xan-X, Shive Subcontractor, Maer and Asha.


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